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Tampa Palms

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Tampa Palms is the oldest master-planned community of New Tampa with its 7,000 acres where half of that is all nature preserves. In addition there are over 40 beautiful lakes, 5 community parks and playgrounds and additional sporting courts and clubs. Conveniently located just north of the University of Tampa and Lettuce Lake Park, this prized neighborhood development has 22 individual villages within it, where you will find a mix of housing options from condos, townhomes, single family including custom built palatial estates and some apartments. Being how it is over 20 years old, the trees and foliage are established which adds a tremendous amount of grace and stature to the community.
Built over a 20 year time span, you will find everything from the $3+ million homes on 10 acres nearing 7000 sq ft inside down to the 1800 sq ft 2 bedroom townhomes priced around $150,000. There is something for everyone here in this outstanding community along with a wide array of recreation at Compton Park where residents enjoy swimming, tennis, volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball and racquetball. With over 85 acres of parks with camping and picnic facilities, you can traverse the area by way of numerous bike trails; enter the Hillsborough River by way of canoe and send the kids off to one of their summer camp programs.
There is the Tampa Palms Women’s Club that holds yearly events like “Pot Luck Luncheon at Compton Park” where charity donations are announced that the group participates in every year. A monthly newsletter, called the Tampa Palms Newsletter is a community-centric newsletter sent to all residents each month. Landscape Seminars, Rotary Club meetings, Yoga are just a few of the activities one can participate in as a resident of one of the communities.  

 The neighborhoods of Tampa Palms New Tampa are: Ashbury, Ashington, Ashmont, Cambridge, Canterbury, Coventry, Enclave, Huntington, Kensington, Lancaster, Manchester, Mayfair, Nottingham, Remington, Sanctuary, Sterling Manor, Stonington, the Reserve, Tremont, Wellington, Westover, Whitehall, Windsor and Wyndham. 

  • Ashington  Stately homes on ¼ + acre lots around $425,000 for 3200 sq ft with pool and 5 bedroom homes

  • Ashmont is priced around $250,000 for about 2000 sq ft on the inside and on ¼ acre + lots

  • Cambridge offers 4 bedroom pool homes of about 2500 sq ft with lots of unique style for around $300,000

  • Canterbury brings custom built homes from $300-$600,000 on large lot sizes and equally large interiors of around 3000 sq ft.

  • Coventry is full of pool homes with mostly 4 bedrooms with a range of pricing from $250,000 to $600,000

  • Enclave  is full of mostly smaller homes without pools, under 2000 sq ft, that sell around $200,000. Many of the homes though do sit on over ¼ acre lot sizes.

  • Huntington is the larger home lover’s village where homes average 3000 sq ft, have pools with 4 & 5 bedrooms and sell for around $475,000. Most homes are either ¼ acre or over ½ acre lots.

  • Kensington contains 3000+ sq ft custom built pool homes built later in the mid ‘90’s selling the $ ½ million range and includes the upgrades and majestic features one would expect.

  • Lancaster homes average 2500 sq ft have pools and at least 4 bedrooms with average price tags of $5 to $600,000. Once again, large lots and custom features are the norm.

  • Manchester with its mostly 4 bedroom 3 bath pool homes are a bargain to be had for about $300,000.

  • Mayfair built after the turn of the 21st century, offers 2000 sq ft homes on average for about $250,000.

  • Nottingham is a charming community of homes price in the mid $200,000 built around 1990.

  • Remington averages about 2500 sq ft homes for about $300,000.

  • Sanctuary offers a wider range of sizing for these maintenance-free villas, from 1600 to over 2600 sq ft in the $200-$300,000 price range

  • Sterling Manor offers 3 bedrooms around 1900 sq ft in one of Tampa Palms maintenance-free communities where homes sit on either zero lot lines or under 10,889 sq ft of land.

  • Stonington again is one of the larger, more elegant neighborhoods of 3500+ sq ft homes with pools selling for around $500,000, offering at least 4 bedrooms.

  • The Reserve is an outstanding, expensive community of estate homes beginning around 4000 sq ft and exceeds 13,000 sq ft! $1 million to $1 ½ million is average pricing here for these luxurious custom built pool homes

  • Tremont offers some unique models of homes that cost from $300 to $400,000 and provide 4 & 5 bedrooms with a pool and 2500 interior sq ft.

  • Wellington offers some classic styling to their homes and are priced around $300,000 for about 2200 sq ft with pool and 3 to 4 bedrooms

  • Westover can be lived in for about $500,000 with about 4000 sq ft inside and then a pool and a ½ acre lot on the outside.

  • Whitehall is prestigious with homes selling around the $800,000 range offering about 4000 sq ft of living space. These pool homes were built in the mid 2000’s and are exquisite.

  • Windsor properties are estates, of course with pools that sprawl around 4500 sq ft on the inside and sell in the $700,000 range.

  • Wyndham sell around $250,000 for their 2000 sq ft interiors, many with pools, built in the early parts of the Tampa Palms community



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